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K-PURE (Without BV) (HH023P)

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1 x K-Pure (1g x 30 sachets)

💥 RM30 Special Price & Without BV
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K-Pure help to eliminate pesticides and other chemical impurities, also can be used to clean and sterilize the tableware and baby bottle, as well as improves freshness of food, increases the shelf life of food.

K-Pure is formulated with 100% natural ark shells from Korean Southern Sea as the main ingredient. The shell is cleaned under high-pressure rotation, then burnt at high temperature, followed by hot-air drying, and grinding to become powder. K-Pure contains more than 98% of Calcium Carbonate, it highly alkaline, non-toxic and environmental-friendly.

4 Applications of K-Pure
K-Pure is the best choice to get rid of these pesticides and impurities, waxes and chemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables.

K-Pure helps to increase the shelf life of food, improve freshness of food.

K-Pure can be used to sterilize or to remove bacteria, such as in cleaning and sterilizing the tableware and baby bottle.

K-Pure can be used to fertilize, purify the contaminated soil and nourish the flowers and crops.

K-Pure can be used to clean:
- Grain
- Fruit and vegetable
- Meat and seafood
- Dried food
- Baby bottle


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